Commercial Door Options

Every commercial building is unique and has specific needs regarding its entryways and exits. Fortunately, there are a variety of doors available. The following are three common types of commercial doors on the market today.

Balanced Doors

Balanced doors, available from companies such as ellison doors New York, are ideal for when a large door is desired but accessibility needs to be maintained. Due to the placement of the fulcrum, these doors are easy to open regardless of their size and weight. They can be made to match any architectural style and are available in a wide variety of materials, including bronze, wood and steel.

Folding Glass Doors

Folding doors are good for businesses that want a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. Because they are primarily glass, they double as large windows allowing lots of natural light to enter the building. They can be fully opened to facilitate movement between the interior and exterior locations of a business. These doors are common in businesses with open air areas, such as hotels, restaurants and car dealerships.

Revolving Doors

Revolving doors offer many benefits, especially to buildings with heavy foot traffic. They are more energy-efficient than other types of doors because they function as an airlock. The unique design of revolving doors also helps block noise and fumes from outdoors, helping to maintain a pleasant environment inside the building. Additionally, they allow people to enter and exit at the same time through one door. Because they are hands-free, they are convenient for people entering with packages, small children, etc.

The door is the first and last thing a customer sees upon entering a business, so it is important that the door be both easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing. A thoughtfully chosen door can increase a building’s curb appeal and decrease its energy consumption.


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