Unique Types of Voice Over Work

Voice over work has expanded significantly in recent years. As technology grows and expands, so do opportunities for voice over artists. More and more companies are developing projects that require a female or male voice over artist.


Audiobooks have a rapidly expanding market. The busyness of today’s world encourages avid readers to find new ways to enjoy stories or learn new things. People listen to audiobooks during commutes, work breaks and relaxation time. In fact, they can be enjoyed in numerous situations or environments. Although some authors prefer to read their books themselves, others will seek out voice talent to create more captivating works. Therefore, the work available to talented voice over actors is consistently expanding.

Virtual Assistants

As technology expands, so does reliance on virtual tools, such as virtual assistants. These tools, such as the Google Assistant or Alexa, require voice overs. Even GPS systems use voice talent. You may think Siri sounds like a computer, but the voice had to come from somewhere. These tools require voice over actors who can speak clearly and enunciate properly. They should also have soothing tones.

Video Games

Today’s video games are not the video games of the past. They use CGI to create worlds that look real, and they use voice talent so they sound real as well. For example, video games may use voice actors to produce grunts or breathing sounds. They may also imbed taunts or other comments into the game. The animals and robots often need voices, too. Consider the vast number of genres and games that require voice talent.

Corporate Training and Education

Audio and video corporate training productions often use voice over talent. They may describe a process being shown on the screen or discuss a policy. For example, sexual harassment and other human resources videos often use voice over actors. Consider the marketing field and its use of these actors.

Education videos are used for a wide range of topics and purposes. University recruitment videos often have voice talent, but so do historical and biographical videos that are used in the classroom.

Voice over talent is readily available today, but your project will help you determine what type of talent you need.


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