Preparing a New Employee For Their First Day

Starting a new job can be an exciting moment but can also cause anxiety for the new employee. Making them feel at home on the first day will get them started on the right foot. Here are some tips to prepare your new employee for their first day.

Set Up Their Workspace

Before they arrive, set up their desk with the items that they will need to do their job. Order a nameplate for their cubicle and business cards if they will utilize them. Leave a copy of the employee manual so they can review it when they have a free moment. Install a computer for their use and ensure it is updated and antivirus software is installed. Stock their space with business products Sacramento and storage for their papers and files. Leave a company-oriented gift for them to welcome them into the family.

Greet Your New Employee

Assign someone, either yourself or a supervisor, to greet your new staff member at the door on the first day. Have them shown to their desk, then once they are settled in, take them on a tour of the facility. Introduce them to the other people who work in your business, especially those they will work with on a daily basis. Give them time to meet with your Human Resources department so they can complete their new hire paperwork. Set aside time for orientation. Cover any specific rules and procedures that apply to them. Give them the passwords they will need for their computers, software programs, email accounts, and phone messages and the instruction for them to change it to something personal to them. Check up with them several times during the day to make sure they are doing alright and to see how the day has gone. The more you reach out to make them feel at home in your company, the better they will adjust in their new position.


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