Staffing Agency Tips for Prospective Employees

Searching for a job, especially in a challenging job market, can be stressful. Therefore, you may be considering working with Boston staffing firms. These are a few tips to help you as you work with staffing agencies.


Your first step should be to define your goals. First, what type of position are you looking for? Are you at the beginning of your career, looking for an entry-level position, or do you have extensive experience and seek an executive position? Identify the skills and knowledge you have that qualify you for this position. Your education should also be stated. Discuss the industry and type of company you want to work with. For example, what type of corporate culture do you hope to find?


Staffing agencies typically work with specific industries. In addition, these firms offer different services. Search for a firm with a great reputation in the industry you are interested in.

Learn about the agencies’ memberships, such as whether they are members of the American Staffing Association. You may also search for online and Better Business Bureau reviews and open complaints.


When you speak with staffing firms, be honest about your skill levels and experience. Discuss your needs and ideal position. Be honest about your employment gaps and their causes. Also, let the agencies know about any criminal or financial history that may cause problems because this information will come up in your background checks. If you are honest up front, you can explain what happened and how you overcame the circumstances.


When you meet with the agencies, be prepared. For example, bring several copies of your resumes and lists of your references. You will be interviewed, so be ready to answer questions about your employment and education histories. Review standard questions so you are able to answer them quickly and smoothly.

Job Interviews

You will be sent on several job interviews with companies. Be open minded about both the jobs and the companies, but don’t be afraid to say “no” if either the job or company is not right for you. Ask questions and listen closely during the interview.

If you are having difficulty finding a job or have specialized skills, consider working with a staffing agency.


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