Things To Look for in an Insurance Agent

You may think that the best insurance agent is the one who offers you the lowest price on your policy, but this may not be the case. Searching for a local insurance agent, such as “insurance agent Glendale AZ,” requires more than comparing policy prices.


Yes, price will play a role in your choice of an insurance agent and policy. However, a lower price may not indicate a better deal. Policies with lower-than-normal prices may not offer you the coverage you need. Therefore, read through the policy carefully, compare your coverage across policies and agents and choose the one that has the best value for the price.

Independent Agents or Direct Writers

Independent agents sell products for several different companies. This allows them to give you a price comparison for similar or the same policy across companies. Direct writers work for one specific insurance company. Therefore, they typically have in-depth knowledgeable about the products they sell.

Knowledge and Experience

Search for an agent with knowledge about the industry and different policy types. Look for an agent with longevity in the industry. Also, observe the letters after their names, such as CIC, ARM and CRM, because they designate various levels of competence. In addition, ask about the agents’ education, including certifications and degrees.

You may ask about the agents’ areas of expertise, market and experience with a specific type of insurance. You should also learn what they think about and how long they have worked with different insurance companies.


You will likely communicate with your agent for several years, so make sure you can get along with insurance agent and those working in the same office. During your meeting, watch for professionalism and communication style. Ask lots of questions to learn whether the agent is trustworthy and honest.

Don’t settle for the agent you find first or the one who offers low-priced policies, choose a reputable agent you can work with.


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