Why Internet Volatility Is Detrimental to Healthy Business


There is no doubt that the internet forms a critical component of your business network. However, whenever there are any disruptions in the normal functioning of a business, the company bears the brunt. It is thus your responsibility as a business owner to ensure that normal business functions proceed even if there are internet or any other business disruption. You need to ensure that your customers, partners, or suppliers feel comfortable as if nothing strange happened.

It is evident that no company can survive minus an intelligent edge, or cloud-based partner to provide the necessary insights, tools, and visibility whenever problems occur. In other words, it is impossible to specially manage traffic in the network without full intelligent help about possible entry points used by customers, employees, suppliers, and partners to access the web. It is only until you manage all these external factors and established security measures with appropriate partnerships that you can start freaking out about what’s happening in the deep web.

Research has shown that at least 89% of IT companies have had internet interferences in the past one year while 43% reported network unavailability. Only thirty percent said it was due to an ISP outage. Now, why should you be worried as a business owner? Well, a third party or employee trying to run a web application or access data doesn’t care if it is a network or ISP outage. Whenever there is no internet access, almost everyone engages in the whack-a-mole game, trying to find out who or what to blame for it.

However, it is already late for employees or customers as they may never figure out entirely what just happened because that is not their work. They will not be interested in the details, however bizarre they are. If they tried to reach you and you could not be found, to them that’s your fault, and you are solely to blame as the business owner.

According to a survey conducted by an IT community forum online known as Spiceworks, only 59% of IT professionals interviewed said major internet disruptions concerned them. It is quite surprising since most of these disruptions can bring down significant brand reputations and cause the worst customer experiences. There is still good news to be happy about though. If your organization has adequate visibility in its network systems, it can be ready for whatever internet disruptions that can occur next. There are available resources that can help you prepare your company for the worst-case scenario.

Additionally, there is the Internet Intelligence Map that can help you view any BGP routing, global data on trace routes, and DNS systems on a single screen. In case there arise internet issues, this map assists you by directing you on what to investigate and what impact the problem has worldwide. With this insight, you can have the most competitive advantage.

Finally, it is true that the internet will always experience interferences, divergence, and malfunctions. However, businesses that have invested in the right workforce, tools, data, and processes, can manage to handle and prevent devastating disruptions. Let be business as usual to your employees, customer, or partners.

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