4 Unbeatable Ways To Fix Slow Internet Connectivity Issue

While WiFi extenders are coming in vogue in an increasing number than before, many users have reported the speed drop issue caused by interference from objects like metal objects, electronic gadgets, walls, windows, etc. Another reason for a speed drop is due to a wide distance between the WiFi extender and router. Whatever be the reason, the result is frustration.

Let us be some help. In this article, we have discussed some very useful tips you can follow to fix connection issue of a WiFi range extender network.

  • While performing a new Netgear WiFi extender setup, disable the public WiFi
  • Turn off objects with the same frequency
  • Make sure the devices are not overheated. If they do, cool them down for some time
  • Begin the installation process by connecting your computer with the range extender
  • Launch an internet browser and enter into mywifiext net
  • Complete the process by selecting your router

Looks simple, isn’t it? There are moments when you face problems due to an internet slowdown. Let’s look at the ways to beat up these problems.

Keep away as much interference as possible

Weak signals can be avoided by placing your wireless device away from objects of interference such as Bluetooth speakers, microwaves ovens, baby monitors etc. Also, keep the range extender closer to the router, especially while setting up the device.

Change the Wireless Channel Number

If you have other active wireless devices nearby, chances to see an internet slowdown rise. It’s obvious that you cannot disable all of these devices but you can do something else. You can change your device’s wireless channel number.

For assistance from specialists, you can visit https://mywifiext-net.support at any time.

Consider replacing your Router

You might not know but sometimes, a router itself causes connection problem. In such an event, you can replace the router with a new one. Also, be mindful that the router is an important WiFi component and you need it without any doubt. In case you don’t know whether your router is troubling or not, check the wires or ask a professional for helping you out.

Set a strong Network Name and Password

The default login details of your wireless device can be one of the reasons why the connectivity gets lost oat frequent moments. These default login details are easy to crack and so can make your network available for others to use. In that case your network gets loaded and it slows down the internet.

You can change the credentials after setting up the range extender. Just visit mywifiext net on your internet browser. Log in to your device and proceed to change the SSID and password there. Make sure the network name is around 8 characters and both password and SSID are unique.

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