Tips for Improving Your Home Office

While remote work becomes more popular, not everyone knows how to establish a productive work-from-home environment. Review these helpful tips to make your home office more efficient.

Quiet Space

It’s difficult to work in a crowded or high-traffic environment. Set aside a separate area in your home to set your workspace up for productivity. Depending on how much office furniture Indiana you have, you may want to dedicate an entire room to your home office. Try to choose a place near a window for natural light and some fresh air. If you can’t set up near a window, make sure you set up appropriate lighting for meetings and video conferences. Brighten up the area with a few plants or non-distracting decorations.

Comfortable Chair

Your office chair should be comfortable and good for your posture. Invest in an adjustable, ergonomic office chair with wheels to easily move around. If you experience any aches from sitting for hours on end, try to periodically use a standing desk during the day. Standing burns more calories than sitting and can help improve circulation, mood, and focus.

Blue Light Safety

Staring at a computer or phone screen all day can disrupt your circadian rhythm, which regulates your body’s ability to sleep and wake up efficiently. The blue light emitted from the screen can stimulate your brain and prevent it from producing melatonin. Use a protective anti-glare screen on your computer monitor and wear blue light glasses to protect your eyes from the blue light and reduce any strain or eye damage. Regularly look away from your screen and stare at something farther away to give your eyes a healthy break.


Make it a habit to declutter your office regularly so things don’t pile up. It’s easy to lose track of deadlines and fall behind on work when your workspace is messy and unorganized. Keep a vertical file folder on your desk for easy access to important documents you need on a regular basis. Store receipts and older records in file cabinets or drawers that you can reference when need be. At the end of every day, take a minute to tidy up your space for the next workday.

Stay Inspired

Bring some of your personality into the space with decorations and things that motivate you. Include a special photo or another cherished belonging that reminds you why your work is important. You could even create a vision board with goals and pictures of items you want to save up for. Avoid bringing in any items that might be too distracting.

Use these tips to set your home office up for productivity and success.

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