Top Reasons To Become an Accountant

Whether you are hoping to make a career change or you have always dreamed about working as an accountant, there has never been a better time to enter the field. Here are the top reasons that pursuing a career in accounting could be a great option for you.

Accountants Have Great Job Security

Accounting is a job that never goes away. People constantly need help with their taxes and advice on how to manage their money, so there will always be a market for your services. Studies have shown that accounting grows faster than other occupations, and this is a statistic that is projected to continue over the next few years. Accountants also have the option to work in a variety of industries. While you can certainly work for tax preparation companies Duncanville TX, you can also choose to work in education, law, entertainment or for a non-profit.

It Isn’t All About Math

There is a common misconception that working in the accounting field means that you are a brilliant mathematician. While being comfortable working with numbers is certainly a plus, there are many other facets to being an accountant. Due to the fact that most of the math is done through software, today’s accountants are more often asked for guidance regarding business structures, cash flow and tax questions.

Much Accounting Is Seasonal

Lastly, one of the great things about pursuing a career in accounting is the flexibility that it offers. The majority of clients will want your help during specific months of the year because tax preparation makes up a large part of the accounting industry. Tax season generally runs from January to the middle of April, which means that your workload will be heaviest during a short three-month period. This gives you the option to travel or just enjoy working less for the rest of the year.


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