How To Encourage Your Children To Be Physically Fit

Is your child spending too much time indoors? Physical activity is not only important for your child’s physical development, but it also improves your child’s memory and ability to pay attention.

Kent Thiry believes that children are the world’s most important asset, yet they don’t get the exercise they need to develop properly. Kids should be moving around at least one hour a day, but many spend too much time indoors playing video games or watching television. Exercising outdoors and breathing fresh air will do wonders for their bodies and their moods.

Here are some ways to motivate your children to be physically fit.

Make it Fun

Exercise is crucial to overall well-being, but a child won’t understand the long-term benefits of physical fitness. They just want something that’s fun to do, so make sure you find an activity that your child enjoys. Whether it’s bike riding or playing volleball with other children, your children will be more motivated to exercise if the activity is both enjoyable and meaningful.

Make it Age Appropriate

Age and maturity are two critical factors when signing your child up for sports. A child who is less than five years old is better off having free play. A child of six or older has a better attention span and has developed skills such as throwing a ball. That’s the time to get your children involved in team sports such as t-ball or soccer.

Joining a sports team helps children in later life. They learn the importance of teamwork and also develop conflict resolution skills.

Make it a Family Event

Your children love it when you play with them, so find a family event you can all do together. Bike riding or hiking are excellent choices along with swimming. If children see you enjoying physical activities, they’ll likely enjoy those activities themselves.

Having regular conversations with your children is another key to their success. When you do activities together as a family, you’ll bond with your children. Your kids will also develop strong self-esteem and be confident in other areas.

Make it Important

Emphasize to your children the importance of physical exercise by exercising yourself on a daily basis. When your children see you eating healthy and staying physically fit, they’re also likely to take up those habits, especially when they reach adulthood.

When your children see you exercise, and when you do physical activities together, you instill in them the lifelong habit of daily exercise. You’ll also create a family tradition that your children will want to do with their own children. When kids realize that physical activity is a normal way of life, they’re less likely to be obese as adults. They’ll stave off chronic illnesses and be stronger overall.

As a good parent, you want to teach your children the importance of education and how to be safe. Learning the importance of physical fitness is also a great habit you should instill in your children. You’ll be giving them the gift of lifelong good health.

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