Tips to help your Auto Accident Attorney obtain a Good Settlement

Clients rarely think about how they can help their auto crash lawyers achieve the highest possible settlement amount. But they should. Your lawyer cannot handle everything without your help. That means you and your lawyer must work as a team on your case and your entire case will be as strong as the details you provide and the details contained in your lawyer’s file.

The reality is, you aren’t the only client in your lawyer’s list of customers. Actually, he or she might be juggling in many cases. Therefore, it is up to you to provide all the details surrounding your case and ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Once you hire a car accident lawyer in Toledo, work with them to ensure that you get the best compensation amount for your injuries and any property loss you suffered as a result of the accident. Here are the details your attorney needs when building your case and probably handling the claim settlement process.

1. Your background information

Your attorney needs the following details about you.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number

2. A detailed description

A vivid (detailed) description and explanation of important events surrounding the car accident will be helpful to your attorney. Provide clear details about the following;

  • The time, date, and location of the auto crash
  • Contact details for witnesses
  • A detailed description of how the car accident happened
  • The location of the damaged vehicles before and after the accident
  • The year, model, make license plate number, and the vehicle owner of the vehicle you were driving and the same details for the other driver’s car.
  • In case your car is repairable, provide the contact details for the car body shop you intend to use
  • In the event that your car is totaled, provide the right contact details for the impound yard.

3. Your vehicle insurance

It is important to give your lawyer a copy of your car insurance ‘declarations page.’ This declaration states your policy scope. In case you don’t have one, request your auto insurance agent to send a copy to you and your attorney. If you have already reported the claim, give your lawyer the insurance adjuster’s contact information and the claim number.

What you do immediately after the auto accident counts

Car accidents can result in both minor and severe injuries, and no one would like to be involved in such accidents. However, if you ever find yourself in such a situation, it is recommended to take photographs of the vehicular damage, your injuries, and the entire scene of the accident. It is also helpful to write a detailed description of the events immediately before, during, and after the crash. Share all these details with your lawyer.

It is also recommended to seek medical attention immediately after the car accident. Even if you think you haven’t been injured, seek a doctor’s opinion about your health. Remember to keep all your medical records and share them with your lawyer.

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