Know the Difference Between Window Hosting and Linux Hosting

If you have been looking for a hosting service for your website, there are two well know option available that is “Linux hosting” versus “Windows hosting.”

Choosing between these two options is one more decision that you have to make as a client who wants to hire a web hosting service and, as such, is a source of doubt. Also, it is not about one option being better than another, but choosing the right choice so that you do not find that the type of website you wanted to host cannot be hosted by the hosting you have hired.

In the most frequent case, hosting an application such as WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, and the like allows you to use either option. But many users with few technical bases, or simply do not know what the best option for it is or even tend to think that their choice is conditioned, in part, by the operating system they use on their local computer, which is compatible. , that if it is more difficult to use, etc.

Know about the differences between Linux hosting and Windows hosting?

Before talking about the differences between both systems, you have to know that they are two operating systems, when we talk about Linux hosting versus Windows hosting, it is, therefore, the operating system that the hosting server you are renting will use.

That is, it is a difference similar to using a Windows PC, Mac OS, or Linux, for example.

Linux and Windows are the two dominant operating systems on web servers, with Linux being a free and open-source product, which has been the main reason for its enormous popularity that has made it the natural environment for web servers.

In the Linux vs. Windows debates, you will find a lot of fanaticism, a bit like soccer hobbies. But the truth is that there is no room for a debate in the style of “Linux is better than Windows” or vice versa, do not listen if you read things like that. They are very simplistic, childish, and loaded with fanaticism.

Both are very sophisticated and mature systems and the best option for you will depend on what exactly you want to do with your hosting, as you will see in this post.

Accessing and managing your best windows hosting service is pretty easy. However, direct interaction with the Linux operating system will require you to learn how to use the command line. To combat this, you can choose from many GUIs (graphical user interfaces) like cPanel to interact with the operating system.

Choosing a Linux or Windows web host does not depend on the operating system you are using at home. Let’s start with the confusion that the operating system you use with your home computer conditions you with your hosting.

This is simply not true. You can use Windows, Mac OS, Android, or whatever you want with a hosting service, as long as you have a web browser that allows you to access the administration screens of your hosting, which will always be web pages.

Linux or Windows hosting. Which one is good?

Having clarified these previews, let’s get down to business now, and let’s talk first about the most frequent option for private hosting users: a WordPress blog.

In fact, the largest% of readers of this post are going to be users who want to start a WordPress blog. So we start with this question.

Now, the WordPress case, in reality, is not such a specific case but corresponds to the pattern so typical in the free software environment and open sources of web applications created with the PHP programming language and that use the database.


As you have seen, the decision criteria are relatively simple. If you use a typical PHP application like WordPress, Joomla, or Prestashop, in general, the ideal hosting will be Linux. With this type of application in a Linux environment of a hosting provider, everything will go smoothly.

Even if you are going to work a lot uploading things you have previously prepared on a Windows machine (where the aforementioned compatibility problems may arise), my personal recommendation would be that you still use Linux and get used to working with the file naming guidelines, routes and coding for Linux because it is the standard way of working with PHP applications.

The only scenario where it is really clear that Windows hosting is preferable is when you are going to host applications that are from Microsoft or developed in Microsoft’s programming languages.

This is actually a very small% of all online projects that are mounted. The vast majority are PHP applications, and, therefore, almost always a Linux hosting is going to be the most recommended. Not surprisingly, most hosting doesn’t even offer the Windows option.

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