A Quick Guide To Expert Banking Witnesses

Whether you’re prosecuting a company charged with financial fraud or you’re representing someone who’s been accused of embezzlement, financial cases often get complicated. They may even need the help of an expert in finance.

When To Hire an Expert Witness

The simplest way to tell if you need a banking expert witness is to think about whether you personally could describe the evidence to the necessary party in layman’s terms. If you don’t know enough about the intricacies of financial evidence to help everyone else understand, then you need an expert witness. The witness can go through financial documents for people and businesses, determining whether there are discrepancies in the information that may be due to fraud or other financial crimes. Even if you personally understand the information, hiring an expert witness can also give you an air of authority in the courtroom.

What To Look For in an Expert Witness

Finding the right expert witness banking could mean the difference between winning and losing your case. The right witness should have experience with the specific type of case that you’re taking to trial. Verify credentials and ask questions about the case to verify that potential experts have the right background and knowledge for the case.

A good expert witness must also be confident. The witness will likely be called to the stand to testify and should be able to speak loudly and clearly, look people in the eye, and look presentable when on the stand. He or she should also be good under pressure since the other side will likely do a cross-examination.

Other traits to look for include someone who pays strong attention to detail and someone who has a solid, trustworthy reputation. He or she should be able to pick up even the smallest detail in complex transactions. Perhaps even more importantly, though, the expert witness should be known as being trustworthy and professional both on and off the stand.

If you suspect you’ll need an expert witness for your case, start the search early. This way, you will have more than enough time to prepare for the case and be more likely to have a favorable outcome.

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