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The Big Business Of Organizing Your Cannabis Inventory

In the states where the sale of cannabis is legal it has become quite popular to sale different strains of cannabis. If you work in a dispensary you need a system where you are able to organize your inventory properly. At first glance many of the cannabis items that you have me look alike, but you need to know what you have in stock as well as what he is out of stock. In other words, you need to know the Fundamentals of Receiving and Organizing Inventory.

When your business is small you may have a system that involves people that are on the floor that are doing inventory manually. For very small stores this may work. As your store size increases along with your customer base you are not going to have the ability to manually organize all of these things. At some point of accounting for the inventory that you have you are going to need an inventory system. You’re going to need to invest in hardware that can help you utilize software to do the report that you need.

Management Your Business Effectively

If you are expecting your business to grow effectively you need to have the platform that is going to help you see what you are doing each week. You need to know what is going on each month. There also needs to be a time frame where you can check reports and look at your growth or your decrease in customers by the year.

When you have the numbers to go by you have a better grasp on whether the business is costing you money or if it is making you money. You can have great weeks at a time and may assume that your business is thriving or at least breaking even. If you look at the data for 365 days of the year, however, you may discover that your business is not doing as well as you assumed that it would. That is why inventory is so important. It helps you get beyond what your thoughts about the business are. It helps you realistically see if the business is something that you can afford to maintain.

Shrinkage Inside Of The Workplace

There are also times where there is shrinkage gets inside of the workplace.
You may not anticipate this initially, but you could have shrinkage inside of your work place. It happens in every work environment. This is especially the case when you hire employees that work inside of a cannabis shop. You need to have confidence in your employees, but you also need to have the back-up plan of an inventory management system.

Resist The Urge Of Inventory Overload

One way to narrow down the amounts shrinkage is to rely heavily on just-in-time inventory. Do not get bogged down with too much inventory that is not moving at the rate that you are paying for it. Do not give your employees the temptation of stealing products that are not selling.

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