Why are the Services of an Accident Attorney So Important?

Things move fast after you suffer injuries in an accident. While you are waiting to be brought to the hospital, the evidence that supports your case is beginning to disappear already. The sooner you have a local injury attorney on the case, the better chance there will be at preserving that evidence, so it can be used to help prove your side of the story. These are a few of the things a Georgia personal injury lawyer will be working on during your lawsuit.

Gathering Crucial Accident Evidence

Taking pictures of the accident scene with your phone is not going to sway a judge or jury to award you a top cash settlement. To win the big money, your accident attorney is sending an investigative team to preserve every ounce of evidence at that scene. The team will take measurements of the area, take hundreds of pictures, make a video of the area, and even locate witnesses who could offer their testimony as to what they saw that day you were injured. All this extra effort is taken to preserve the accident scene, so the insurance company and courts get to see that scene in its original state.

Meeting with Top Medical Professionals

One of the things you are going to be doing while working with the accident attorney is meeting with a number of top medical professionals to be treated. These medical professionals are the top in their respected fields, and they will not only diagnose the extent of those injuries, they are going to treat and put you on a physical therapy regimen too. All the while you are getting treated, the physicians are consulting with your attorney to help them better understand what monetary value to put on the case. Your attorney will get a better understanding of how much you are suffering and how it will impact you moving forward.

Determining the Value of Your Lawsuit

Now that your accident attorney has gathered all the evidence and spoken to all the medical experts, it is time to determine how much this settlement is worth. All these components need to be carefully analyzed, givisettlement ng your accident lawyer the chance to determine how the injuries will negatively impact you well past your retirement years. The goal here is getting a settlement big enough so that you are made whole again, and that you won’t have to worry about where the money is going to come from to pay for those medical treatments years after the case has settled.

Your personal injury lawyer has to get this right because you don’t want to be short of money decades from now when you can’t earn any longer. Once you secure the services of the local injury attorney, you can begin to focus on your injuries and healing because everything else is going to be addressed by the law firm. Your accident attorney has a team taking care of paperwork, investigators analyzing evidence, and medical professionals consulting with the team to determine the severity of the pain and suffering long-term.

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