Tips to Help Your Company’s Drivers Stay Safe

Every type of business that has employees who drive as a part of their job duties needs to be extremely conscientious about safety. In addition to making sure their employees will be safe, businesses need to be careful about avoiding risk. An accident could subject a business to considerable legal liability. Here are some ways that companies can structure policies and procedures to promote safe driving.

Screen Drivers

pre-employment driving record check should be a key part of your hiring process. A search should include records of all recent traffic violations. Depending on the scope of an employees’ job duties, it may also be necessary to conduct a verification of commercial license credentials.

Implement Safety Training

Driving for work may not necessarily be the same as driving in an individual capacity, particularly if it involves transporting passengers or driving industrial vehicles. It is generally good practice for companies to include some safety training as a part of their onboarding process. Training can cover topics such as navigating the road in poor conditions, avoiding accidents, and resisting distraction. Companies can do some training online, and it may be beneficial to do some of it on the road.

Establish Written Policies

Clear policies about driving company vehicles or driving on the company’s behalf will help to emphasize the importance of safety. Policies show employees that a company takes safety very seriously. Formal policies make expectations clear, and they encourage people to follow safety guidelines consistently. Employee handbooks are an excellent place to include safe driving policies.

Proactive initiatives towards safe driving can be invaluable to businesses. Employees will appreciate knowing that their employer values their safety and invests an adequate amount of time and resources towards safety. Furthermore, businesses will benefit substantially by keeping their workforce healthy and productive while also avoiding liability and loss.


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