Reasons to Register Aircrafts in Malta

Since the beginning of 2010, Malta has made significant efforts to establish itself as one of the top jurisdiction of aircraft registry. They offer aircraft operators and owners, whether future or current, an easy registration process. The government of Malta hopes that this will help give more freedom to the intra-Community operation.

Malta’s aircraft registration has caught the eye of many foreign entities. These range from its non-selectiveness when it comes to citizenship, to non-taxation schemes. Its ability to be flexible regarding varying legal forms and their arrangements is also a plus point. For these reasons, multiple large aircraft companies have chosen to set up shop in Malta. Read below to find out additional benefits of registering aircrafts in Malta.

  • Easily accessible intra-community traffic rights

Once you register your aircraft and fulfil any additional requirements left, you will have a certified license to fly in Malta. Additionally, you can also travel through all the intra-community routes that lie within the European Union.

  • Availability of Malta’s aircraft related services

Malta has a wide array of aircraft related services which include engine and aircraft maintenance, overhaul and repair, and leasing. You will also be able to find other services such as component manufacture, aircraft maintenance training, and aircraft management.

  • A safe legal framework and EU jurisdiction

Given that Malta is a part of the European Union, various treaties and agreements will ensure a high level of safety when it comes to the interests of creditors, investors, operators, and stakeholders. All the relevant parties can benefit from double taxation treaties, Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment and related Protocol, and various others.

The benefits mentioned above are tempting enough for anyone to register their aircraft in Malta. The question is, will you do it?

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