File and Document Management Solution

Document management software is a unified file management system that incorporates broad functionality and sharing capability. Something like FileCenter DMS (Digital Management System) allows organizations to manage documents across a broad spectrum and do so in a unified fashion from a single server source. The software capabilities include file organization, scanning, PDF conversion, and file archiving utilizing the “cabinet interface. The cabinet archive system implements a digital version of a typical cabinet/drawer/folder archive system, which allows for the storage of any windows files. The software comes in multiple editions which with increasing cost include a host of additional benefits and functions. 

Is a Dedicated File Management System Worth it? 

Attempting to manage documents either physically or even on digital format can be a difficult and daunting task. Operating systems such as windows come with prebuilt file management systems such as windows explorer. These file management systems are very limited in their capacity and capability especially in regard to cloud sharing. A solid file management program can ensure that documents become archived in a digital format, but also are easier to access and share among users within an organization. One of the main differences of a dedicated file management software is the ability to implement custom archive naming rules for files. This means that the user is able to pre-select a set of rules which file naming must follow in accordance with a company issued sequence. This automated naming and archive system allows for more freedom in cloud network availability and sharing. 

Not Just a File Manager 

File management software isn’t simply for managing files, although that is its primary purpose. It also helps speed up and incorporate the creation process among an entire team of individuals. It also serves as an aid for companies who are attempting to go paperless in an attempt to reduce company costs and reduce their carbon footprint. The benefits of proper file management are compounding and can even lead to savings in hardware that would normally need to be upgraded beyond the standard in order to keep up with substandard file management. The software can even be incorporated into existing email accounts and files can be sent in PDF format to users within the organization. 

Administrative Assistant Versus Software 

One of the primary selling points of this file management software is its price compared to the typical file management system which involved administrative employees who are dedicated to documenting and archiving. These employees demand a salary and oftentimes more than one is required if the documents reach beyond a certain volume. File management software automates the archive process to the point wherein organizations may see an increase in administrative employee attrition rates. A huge piece of job security for administrative assistants was the former difficulty and meticulousness of administrative file management. With software solutions that can automate formerly tedious and meticulous tasks, down to 15 minutes of work per day as opposed to a multiple day work week for the typical filing clerk.

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