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How To Stand Out at Trade Shows

Participating in trade shows is a great marketing strategy to drive up business, but getting noticed when surrounded by competitors isn’t easy. Here are some tips that’ll make you stand out.

Have an Attractive Booth

Setting up an eye-catching booth with great trade show graphics Salt Lake City is a sure way to get attention. Your setup should make a good first impression on customers and make them want to do business with you.

Demonstrate Products

If applicable to your business, demonstrate your products or services in person or on video. Are you selling a cool, new toy? Show customers how they work, and let them try it for themselves! Are you a wedding planner? Set up a decorated table with flowers and other offerings to showcase your work! This will help attendees see your business in action and make them want to buy what you’re selling.

Hand Out Swag

Trade shows are great opportunities to give out items with your logo on them, but you don’t want to give out pens like everyone else. Select branded swag that’s unique to your business. The goal is to get attendees to stop by your booth and make them remember you long after they leave.

Give Away Bags

Lots of businesses hand out plastic bags to hold swag and fliers, but if you give away bigger and higher quality bags, yours will be the one everyone is carrying. That means tons of people at the event would be walking around with your logo, making others want to go to your booth to get one for themselves.

Do a Raffle

Giving customers the opportunity to win a big prize will make them more likely to come to you. You can even ask for phone numbers and email addresses on the raffle cards, so you can reach out to potential customers later. The business you gain will easily cover the cost of that one big-ticket item.

Putting in a little extra effort to get yourself noticed at trade shows can really pay off for your business.


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