4 Reasons to Hire an Attorney for Your Business


Owners and entrepreneurs launch businesses in hopes of operations running smoothly from start to finish. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and problems do arise — as a result, businesses need to hire an attorney from time to time. In many cases, it’s best to always have an attorney on your team.

There are different reasons to hire an attorney for your business, but it’s important to hire one before it’s too late and you have been served with a summons. You might also seek an attorney’s expertise to take legal action against an individual or company. In any case, here are four scenarios where you should hire an attorney.


Whether you need a lawyer in Hillsboro, OR or in Boulder, CO, it’s important to hire an attorney to educate you and your employees. Ignorance is not bliss in the business world, and if your company is breaking the law, you can get sued. An attorney can educate your entire team on legalities and illegalities. It’s important to sit down with an attorney before starting operations and map out rules, regulations, laws, etc. Afterward, communicating this information with your employees is an important next step, so they stay in accordance with laws as well.

While some business owners like to cut costs to save money, this isn’t the area to take those measures. A big enough lawsuit can take down the entire business and leave you liable.

Lawsuit protection

An attorney can protect you from lawsuits and help with damage control if one occurs, as well as help you gather necessary paperwork throughout the legal process. Many businesses wait until it’s too late before they contact a lawyer. They hire a lawyer after they have been sued, but they could have avoided legal action altogether if they had an attorney present from the beginning.

On top of helping a business avoid legal troubles, a company lawyer can also help with tax advice. But the protection against lawsuits which an attorney offers is enough reason to have one on your team.


Contracts are long and include legal jargon that a business owner might not be familiar with. You could sign something you disagree with or don’t fully understand, which is why an attorney should be present when it comes to all things relating to contracts for your business.

As a business owner, you’ll deal with lots of contracts, from the ones you have customers and employees sign to the ones that other people/companies have you sign. Contracts can range from simple employee contracts all the way to setting up an agreement with a business loan agency in Corvallis, OR, and it’s important that your lawyer is deciphering the information in those contracts, looking for loopholes that could come back to bite you and giving you good legal advice. Having a lawyer present will save you time and hassle so you can focus on running your company.


An attorney can also help you decide how you’re going to structure your business, whether you’re starting an LLC or a corporation, and then gather the necessary paperwork for structuring. There are different ways to structure a company and a lawyer can help you decide on the best option in your circumstances.

There are many different reasons to hire an attorney for your business, and having one can lead to you operating the parts of the company that you’re an expert in while having a peace of mind on all legal matters. It’s always best to have an attorney on your team before any legal actions arise, and for the safety of your company.

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