John Branca Attorney and Common Legal Mistakes Entertainers Make

The entertainment industry is notoriously tough, and it can be a difficult road to navigate no matter which part of your career path you are on. Having the assistance of a top attorney can make a world of difference in your career trajectory, as an entertainment lawyer can help you get better compensation and perks, and they can help prevent you from accidentally violating laws that can lead to expensive lawsuits and dings to your reputation. What are some common legal mistakes entertainers make? Learn more below.

  1. Violating Contract Terms

When many entertainers finally get a coveted contract offer after trying to make it in the business for years, it can be tempting to sign away immediately. Unfortunately, this can come with risks, like being underpaid or having super strict terms.

Many entertainers accidentally violate their contract’s terms because they don’t have a clear and thorough understanding of what they signed. Having an entertainment lawyer look over your contract and give you legal advice can potentially get you more compensation and prevent you from inadvertently violating contract terms, which could cost you in the long run.

  1. Disputes Between Entertainers and Celebrities

Humans quarrel, that much is expected. Social media has allowed people to fight and cause disputes more easily than ever, and some entertainers find themselves in hot water after sending a shady tweet, posting an accusatory Instagram post, or saying something potentially slanderous about another entertainer or celebrity.

An entertainment lawyer can walk you through legal advice about how to avoid defamation lawsuits when tweeting or speaking in public, and they can advocate on your behalf if you are on the receiving end of a defamation case.

The public may enjoy celebrity fights and drama, but it’s best to do everything you can to avoid disputes that may end up costing you money in court.

  1. Intellectual Property Conflicts

Some rappers are known to feature beats or snippets from another artist’s song, and it is best practice to purchase a music license and receive permission before doing so. Not taking the right steps can result in an artist getting sued for violating intellectual property laws, and the legal battles can certainly get ugly.

It’s often better to be safe than sorry in these instances, so speak with an entertainment lawyer before you sample anyone else’s work or refer to another person’s intellectual property.

In Conclusion

It’s not always easy for an entertainer to know what is considered illegal in the world of entertainment, but having a trusted attorney on your side can help you avoid these common legal mistakes.


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