Types of Warehouse Automation

Warehouse automation can be termed as streamlining the movement of inventory into, within, and out of warehouses to customers with limited human assistance. Warehouse automation is vital in improving overall operation efficiency, production and minimizes costs. Automation as a solution in warehouses integrates customized technologies such as barcode labels, automated sortation systems, and scanning technology. Warehouse automation may take the form of robots or machinery.

Common types of warehouse automation

Goods-to-person technologies (GTP): The solution system work in streamlining picking items from storage spaces. GTP system is vital in entering and retrieving orders from the central database, then the automated system locates and moves the item to the picking area. GTP systems enhance the reduction of operating costs and improve service levels.

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs): This automated system is mainly integrated into e-commerce situations to address high-labor requirements. For instance, they are used to aid in transporting items to the pack station.

Pick-to-light systems: The automated warehouse solution entails scan barcodes as LED displays. The scan illuminates to guide items to correct storage location and indicate the number of things to be picked.

Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS): The warehouse software system helps manage the picking process and assists workers in order processing. This system technology automatically brings the goods out and then places them back into storage.

Benefits of Incorporating Warehouse Automation

  • Better inventory counts: Automated systems are imperative in the reduction of manual errors
  • Increased speed: The warehouse automation systemseasily identify the location of an item hence optimized product retrieval and inventory management process.
  • Enhanced safety: Manual handling of products may be damaging, especially when moving them from one location to another. Automation systems bring the items to the worker.
  • Maximizing space: Integrating automation systems reduce the need for wide aisles.


Warehouse automation technology aids warehouse processes, especially for tedious manual tasks.


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