Ways to Renew a Notary

There are several ways to renew a notary. One of these ways is to renew your notary commission online. If you do not wish to submit your residency address, you can submit your business address on the renewal form. Once you’ve completed the form, you must visit your local office and submit your fee.

Online Renewal and Profile Update Service for Notary Publics

Notaries should use the online renewal and profile update service to maintain their commission for notaries public. The service will send you three courtesy emails about your commission expiration, and you must keep your email address current. If you don’t update your contact information, you’ll miss out on important official notifications. To avoid these missed notifications, keep your contact information current.

Walk-In Examinations

The New York State Department of State maintains a list of the notaries and their current status. New notaries must complete a 6-hour education course and a state examination to become licensed to practice. Renewing notaries can take a three-hour course to renew their commission. Both must pass the exam and submit a 2×2 color passport photo before they begin their work. After completing the education course, new notaries must complete their notary supplies, file an oath, and bond with the county clerk’s office.

Jurat And Writing Sample

To renew as a notary, you must submit a jurat and writing sample. You can apply online if you’re interested in becoming a notary. The Jurat is a statement that demonstrates the notarial public’s handwriting and was sworn to in the presence of a person authorized to administer oaths. The writing sample must also be filled out completely and signed by a public official or reputable person.


The fees to renew a notary public’s license in New Hampshire vary slightly from state to state. For New Hampshire notaries, renewal applications will be mailed to them approximately 12 weeks before the expiration of their current license. If the notary has moved or changed their name, renewal applications will not reach them. Although not required, the National Notary Association strongly recommends that notaries journal their license renewals.

To renew your notary commission, the applicant must be eighteen and reside in the state. At least four community members must also sign the application. The applicant must also read and sign Chapter 222 of the General Laws and acknowledge that they have read and agree to the requirements of this section of the law.

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