How to Land a career as a Microsoft Dynamics Professional

Do you want to establish your career as a consultant in Microsoft Dynamics? Companies are upgrading their businesses by leveraging the Microsoft Dynamics cloud. This new development is coming with a high demand for application developers and consultants.

As new apps keep coming up, consulting professionals are few. Microsoft Dynamics consulting firms are in a hiring frenzy. It would be better if you do not remain behind as firms such as seek to address the scarcity of professionals.

How to Qualify as a Dynamics Professional

Chances are that you are already familiar with Dynamics CRM and NAV. It is the newer ones like Dynamics 365 that you need to learn. The following are ways of learning this skill set.

Through a Peer Group

Other people who use Microsoft Dynamics have several inline user groups for mutual learning. These groups are resourceful since members learn from each other every day. They share their experiences and knowledge regularly through their respective online platforms. Some of them provide online lessons for their members.

Some peer groups conduct regular exhibitions that bring together users from different backgrounds. These meetings and exhibitions are opportunities for learning and sharpening skills.

Through the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Guide

This guide has all the information that you need as a software developer. It guides you on how to develop apps. It also teaches you how to code, customize your apps, and leverage extensions.

Leverage the Microsoft Virtual Academy

On this platform, you can access many videos offering courses for Microsoft solutions. The videos are usually brief and easy to follow. You can start and complete a course without many challenges.

The Microsoft Virtual Academy courses are just like any other courses you would get in a real academy. After learning, you can take assessment tests to confirm your mastery of the new skill sets that you have learned. These are the courses that prepare you for professional certification.

Microsoft Dynamics Certification

To prepare yourself for a career in Microsoft Dynamics services, you need to have the right certifications. Certification is necessary if you want to validate your skill sets to convince employers and clients. Ensure that your certifications are up to date.

Certification Levels

Microsoft’s certifications demonstrate that the holder is up to date with the current skill sets. The accreditation places you at different ranks on the professional ladder. Here are the Microsoft certifications based on your skill level.

  • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA): This is the basic certification that one gets for merely having a grasp of basic technological understanding. Having an MTA is not a pre-requisite for the next level of certification, but it is proof that you have acquired your skills through learning.
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA):The MCSA is proof that you have the qualification to handle entry-level IT skills. It is also the foundation for the next level of certification.
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): This is the certification for professionals with multiple skill sets and knowledge about Microsoft Dynamics. With the MCSE, you are the expert that any firm would be going to for consultation services about Microsoft Dynamics.

A career in Microsoft Dynamics is a valuable asset at a time when such professionals are in high demand. You need to position yourself and reap maximum benefits in this dynamic profession. Learning the right skills and acquiring the right certifications is your starting point.

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